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Face Scrub


The best way to love your skin.

Facials are the best way to show your skin some love. Our skin is a living organ and, just like the rest of our body, needs to be cared for to feel healthy and look its best. 

Our premium facial services are designed to give your skin the care it needs. We offer a range of facials for every kind of skin, from acne-prone to oily to anti-aging. Even if you've got your skin routine down, facials are a great way to relax, indulge, and give your skin that extra happy glow.

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Getting a facial is not just a way to improve your skin's appearance - it is also a crucial treatment that supports your skin's health and has lasting benefits as your skin ages.


Most facials include some kind of exfoliation and cleansing stages, but each treatment will be designed for your skin's individual needs. Regardless of the treatment, getting a facial can improve circulation and stimulate blood flow, allowing skin to heal and raising energy levels. 


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Our Vagacial is just like a facial for your most intimate area. It includes extraction of ingrown hairs and is designed to rejuvenate and freshen the outer area of skin, not the inner vulva.

45 min.

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Anti-Aging Facial

Our anti-aging facial is designed to revitalize and freshen the skin. It aims to improve skin elasticity and firmness using products that help lessen the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

1 hour

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Back Facial

Our back facial focuses primarily on extraction. We first open the pores using a painless process designed to extract any impurities. The skin is then cleansed before exfoliation and a mask.

1 hour

Facial Wash

Hydrating Facial

Our hydrating facial is designed to moisturize and replenish the skin. It combats dry, flaky, or peeling skin that is a result of dehydration. It relaxes the skin and creates a healthy glow.

1 hour

Skin Care

Classic Facial

Our classic facial is the ultimate treatment to pamper, cleanse, and refresh your skin. It includes the traditional process of exfoliation and cleansing  along with a soothing mask. 

1 hour

Applying Face Cream

Oily Skin Facial

This facial focuses on cleansing skin of excess oils through a careful process. We make sure not to strip the skin of natural oils by using products designed to prevent breakouts.

1 hour

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